Since 1985, We at Bluplast have been consistently striving to bring to You, Hygienic Superior Quality of Plastic Thermoware, Vacuumware, Gifts, Novelty & Household products through constant Innovation, Research and Development. And it is our quest for excellence that has lead us to develop a unique concept ‘Temperaproof’ - a guaranteed temperature control system which keeps, hot contents hot and cold contents cold for hours, without the external temperature affecting it.

Our continuous commitment for 100% Hygiene, by use of virgin food grade raw material, And the Temperaproof guarantee, reflected by way of our Genuine Quality Hologram Sticker on each product, have made Bluplast - a household name in India as well as Internationally.

Our Modern & State of the Art Infrastructure, including two carefully Sited factories, geared and customised exclusively for high volume, high quality plastic production, along with our custom-made standard operating procedures, being monitored by our ERP System have helped us achieve ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

It is our unrivalled determination and efforts to bring to You the best that has made 'Bluplast - A Healthy Choice' of millions of people all over the world.